New Romantic Suspense from New Author, Reyna Hawk!

Did the love of her life kill her beloved brother?

Janie and Daniel were not only brother and sister, they were the best of friends. Coming from a troubled past to a new location; they thought their lives would finally be worth living. However, Daniel’s new work took them into the dark world of organized crime and essentially cost Daniel his life. Filled with grief over the loss of her brother and new love for Rico, the “boss’s” assistant. Janie realizes there’s more to Daniel’s death than him simply disappearing and being found dead. Soon Janie finds herself knocking at death’s door with the man she loves more than life itself the doorman.

"Looking Through Blind Eyes" is book one in a series of three. 
Book Two titled "The Reflection of Secrets" coming soon!!

3 Good Questions w/ Reyna Hawk

NFE: What book(s) kept you up reading all night?

REYNA HAWK: Patricia Cornwall's "The Body Farm."

NFE: Would "Looking Through Blind Eyes" Keep you up all night?  Why?

REYNA HAWK: Yes it would. I would want to know what is happening next with Janie and Rico. This book captures you from the beginning; following Janie as she discovers more untruths being told to her as she becomes deeper and deeper into the Petrilo Crime Family’s life of secrets and lies. The characters are so real that one can feel their emotions; it plays out in your head like a movie. I like books that keep me guessing to figure out the characters next move and that is full of action; this book has it!

NFE: "Give us some links and info where we can find you."



  1. Thank you for the opportunity to be featured here. Post looks great!!

  2. You're very welcome! Good luck!


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