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Books need readers like stuffed animals need kids to love them.  The absolute best way to help match a book to a reader who will love it is Word-of-Mouth from other readers who love it already.

Book Bloggers: 

Get more readers for your work!

When you find a terrific book for under six bucks, we want  as many readers as possible to know about it.  

Our goal is to create a Network of blogs with trusted reviews, and send new traffic their way in exchange for giving our readers a heads-up on great books.  We will tweet and promote each post to our expanding sphere (we’re new but growing!).

Make your blog a part of our Network!  

We’ll announce the relationship, proudly display your logo in our side bar, and whenever you review an Under Six Buck book for your blog with a recommendation of 4 Stars or more, we’ll post the book cover, a teaser of your review's opening lines, and LINK it directly to your blog.  All of your content will be fully credited to you and only a snippet of the review will be posted here.*  

Contact us at

*When promoting a book reviewed on our network, we will not link to a store selling the book.  Only to your review.  The idea is to connect readers with books they will love, so we’re very happy to send intrigued readers to you when you’ve found something really good!  


Book Lovers:

If you’ve already read a book you see here, leave a comment!

Or, even better...

If you’ve read a book for UNDER SIX BUCKS recently that you just loved, tell us about it!

Write a Review... just a short sentence or two about why you loved it will do.

Or you can write a full review too (no spoilers, please!).  

Send in your recommendation to along with...

The Title of the book, and the Author’s Name (a link to the Amazon page would be very helpful).

If we can link to it, we’ll post your review. *

* We’re very excited to hear from you, but remember... You must be sincere.  No spam or robots, please.

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