WISHBONE - by Brooklyn Hudson

A Manhattan power couple survive a tragedy and attempt a fresh start only to be plagued by unexplained and disastrous occurrences...be careful what you wish for.

(Special Edition with additional scenes from screen adaption)

NFE Note: How about this? 52 customers reviews, 4 of which are 4 stars. The rest?  All 5 stars!

At the age of nine, growing up in the French countryside, Julien Grenier witnessed the brutal murder of his grandfather. Now, at forty-five, he continues to be plagued by horrific nightmares and reenactments of that tragic event.

Living a successful though austere lifestyle on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Julien has recreated himself, building emotional walls that even his young wife cannot penetrate.
Though somewhat moody, Julien is a good man with a heart of gold, and a great sense of loyalty and responsibility; enabling his wife, Rachael, to turn a blind eye to his tightly-kept secrets.
Rachael is thirty-two years old; an art dealer and playful free spirit, but after a home invasion assault leaves her emotionally unstable and destroys their care-free and content world, they relocate to a safer environment with the hope of a fresh start.
Kings Hollow is a quaint town, nestled in the serene Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. At first, their new home appears to be the miracle they prayed for, until a traditional children's game begins to destroy their bliss; Rachael is no longer herself and Julien is experiencing a string of bad luck and unfortunate accidents.
At the center of it all is seventeen-year-old Sarah, a part-time caretaker on the property. 
Can Julien and Rachael escape the nightmare of Kings Hollow...or is this just Wishful thinking?

WISHBONE is a multi-layered thriller incorporating several sub-plots; in the vein of Pet Sematary, What Lies Beneath, Misery and Stir of Echoes. Dramatic horror at its best, Brooklyn Hudson takes you on a suspenseful roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil and shocking events.

About the Author

Brooklyn Hudson was born and raised in New York City. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she produces replica-rock tribute shows. She has penned thirteen horror thrillers and credits Stephen King for her devout adoration of adult dramatic horror. She is currently fast at work on the WISHBONE screen adaption and WISHBONE Part II. www.brooklynhudson.com www.brooklynhudson.blogspot.com


SUNDERED (A Zombie-ish Apocalypse, Book 1) Plus 3 Good Questions with Shannon Mayer

"Full of juicy zombie action meshed with romance to make your heart break. The pace is thrilling and the action doesn't stop!"  -- Author of "The Guardian", CJ Gosling

NFE Notes - "Sundered" is top 500 Amazon Bestseller averaging 4.4 stars out of 102 customers reviews!  

Compared to "I am Legend",  Sundered will take you into the dark realms of an apocalypse, with a new breed of zombie that will have your heart pounding, your palms sweaty and the pages flying.  A Novella with true bite.

Praise for Sundered

"I was completely blindsided by events in this story. Even now, I can't stop thinking about it."
Author of "Until Dawn: Last Light", Jennifer Simas

". . . an interesting twist on the zombie apocalypse story; it manages to feel familiar 
and yet fresh at the same time, which is not an easy feat."
Author of "The Corridors of the Dead", Jonathan D. Allen

5 Star Reviews 

". . .an apocalyptic world that immediately feels plausible in these days of pharmaceutical "miracles" and quick cures gone wrong. . . .a fearless and unflinching launch into darker issues and terrible choices.There is great depth in this authors work."                                                   
Author of Brilliant Prey, Brenda Wallace

"The author has deftly woven all of these strands together into an intriguing and sometimes poignant tale of love, loss, and survival."        
Merry Simmons (Reviewer)

If you couldn't get enough of "The Walking Dead",  or Amanda Hocking's "Hollowland" Sundered is the perfect fix for your Zombie-ish cravings!

3 Good Questions with Shannon Mayer:

NFE: What book(s) kept you up all night reading?

SHANNON MAYERr: This is a toughie! If a book catches my interest, I'm a bit of a glutton and don't tend to put them down until they're done. But there are a few that stand out. :0) "Kushiel's Dart" by Jacqueline Carey, "The Gunslinger" by Stephen King, "The Last Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle.

NFE:  Would this book (yours) keep you up all night reading if you hadn’t written it?  Why?

SM: I try to write books that I would want to read, books that leave you breathless with anticipation for the next chapter. So, yes, I think it would have kept me up for sure. :0)

NFE: Give us a link to your website or blog so we can find out more about you!

SM: Blog, http://shannonmayer.blogspot.com or my website is www.shannonmayer.com but the BEST place to stalk, I mean follow, me is my Facebook Fan page https://www.facebook.com/ShannonMayerAuthor



New Romantic Suspense from New Author, Reyna Hawk!

Did the love of her life kill her beloved brother?

Janie and Daniel were not only brother and sister, they were the best of friends. Coming from a troubled past to a new location; they thought their lives would finally be worth living. However, Daniel’s new work took them into the dark world of organized crime and essentially cost Daniel his life. Filled with grief over the loss of her brother and new love for Rico, the “boss’s” assistant. Janie realizes there’s more to Daniel’s death than him simply disappearing and being found dead. Soon Janie finds herself knocking at death’s door with the man she loves more than life itself the doorman.

"Looking Through Blind Eyes" is book one in a series of three. 
Book Two titled "The Reflection of Secrets" coming soon!!

3 Good Questions w/ Reyna Hawk

NFE: What book(s) kept you up reading all night?

REYNA HAWK: Patricia Cornwall's "The Body Farm."

NFE: Would "Looking Through Blind Eyes" Keep you up all night?  Why?

REYNA HAWK: Yes it would. I would want to know what is happening next with Janie and Rico. This book captures you from the beginning; following Janie as she discovers more untruths being told to her as she becomes deeper and deeper into the Petrilo Crime Family’s life of secrets and lies. The characters are so real that one can feel their emotions; it plays out in your head like a movie. I like books that keep me guessing to figure out the characters next move and that is full of action; this book has it!

NFE: "Give us some links and info where we can find you."


The WINNER of the first Open Book Challenge is...


Congratulations Reyna!  You've won the raffle for a $25 gift card from Amazon.com!

Reyna's novel, "Looking Through Blind Eyes" will also be the subject of the next post on the New Fiction Engine main page, so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks to all the wonderful writers who played the first edition of the Open Book Challenge!  

There will be more OBCs and more prizes to come in the near future!  So stay tuned.  --NFE

A WORLD OF TROUBLE - Plus 3 Good Questions w/Jake Needham

Take a journey of smart, page-turning intrigue...

 "Jake Needham is Michael Connelly with steamed rice.”

Jack Shepherd was sick of Washington politics, sick of corporate law, and even a little sick of himself. So he hit the road looking for a new start, made a couple of wrong turns, and somehow wound up in Hong Kong. Now he needs a job, and being General Chalerm Kitnarock's lawyer is a job, so he takes it.

Shepherd could certainly have done a lot worse for himself. Charlie Kitnarok is the world's ninety-eighth richest man. But he's also a former prime minister of Thailand now living in exile in Dubai. When he's not making money, he's plotting his return to political power.

For Shepherd, that could be a real problem. Thailand already has a prime minister, and she's a woman with whom Shepherd once had a brief relationship. It will get particularly messy if, as Shepherd suspects, Charlie is smuggling arms to his supporters and intends to use the Thai army to seize control of the country. Can Shepherd keep his two friends from destroying each other and prevent Thailand from sliding into chaos?

Thailand is hurtling closer and closer to a bloody civil war. And as unlikely as it may sound, Jack Shepherd is probably the only person on earth who can stop it.


NFE:  What books kept you up all night reading?

JAKE NEEDHAM: As a rule, I don't stay up all night reading, but I just finished an advance copy of Lee Child's new Jack Reacher novel, A WANTED MAN, and it came about as close to keeping up as any book has in a long time. I don't know of any other author who has the feel for keeping a series character fresh and engaging that Lee Child has. And he's done it essentially by violating the rule that most people will tell you is fundamental to developing a strong series: allow your character to grow and change. Jack Reacher doesn't grow. He doesn't change. He's always the same guy and he ends up in a series of adventures that are remarkably similar book after book. And yet he never gets old and you never get bored with him. Damn that Lee Child. How come he's so good?

NFE:  Would this book keep you up all night reading if you hadn't written it? Why?

JAKE NEEDHAM: I know a lot of my reviews call my books 'page turners,' or something along those lines, but I've never really looked at them that way. I write the same kind of books I generally chose as a reader: novels which take you away to a place you would never otherwise be, and then lead you on a journey through that place that expands the sum total of your own experiences and understandings. So I don't stay up all night reading anybody's books, certainly not my own. Here's my advice. Get some sleep. Come back to see me tomorrow. We'll have more fun on our trip if we're both rested.

NFE: Give us a link to your website or blog so we can find out more about you.

My occasional 'Letters from Asia' about the people, places, and things that appear in my novels - http://jakeneedham.com/category/blog/

NFE NOTE:  Do check out "Letters form Asia" - fascinating stuff! 


OCCULTATION - by Laird Barron

Laird Barron’s literary horror collection is burning up the charts!

but hurry... the price may not last.

(UPDATE - oops, times up!  Price is back to $7.19.  U Snooze u lose, I guess.) 

Laird Barron has emerged as one of the strongest voices in modern horror and dark fantasy fiction, building on the eldritch tradition pioneered by writers such as H. P. Lovecraft, Peter Straub, and Thomas Ligotti. His stories have garnered critical acclaim and been reprinted in numerous year's best anthologies and nominated for multiple awards, including the Crawford, International Horror Guild, Shirley Jackson, Theodore Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards. His debut collection, The Imago Sequence and Other Stories, was the inaugural winner of the Shirley Jackson Award.

He returns with his second collection, Occultation. Pitting ordinary men and women against a carnivorous, chaotic cosmos, Occultation's eight tales of terror (two never before published) include the Theodore Sturgeon and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated story "The Forest" and Shirley Jackson Award nominee "The Lagerstatte." Featuring an introduction by Michael Shea, Occultation brings more of the spine-chillingly sublime cosmic horror Laird Barron's fans have come to expect.

From Publishers Weekly

Starred Review. Writing with a poet's eye for detail and a folklorist's understanding of mythos, Barron lives up to his reputation for elegant, subtle, and nightmare-inducing tales with a Lovecraftian edge in his second short story collection (after 2007's The Imago Sequence and Other Stories), which includes six reprints and three original stories. In The Lagerst├Ątte, a woman who cannot come to terms with her husband's loss clings to an occult artifact said to reunite lovers whom death has separated. A guerrilla art exhibit turns murderous in the taut and bloody Strappado. A mysterious guidebook leads four men on a terrifying camping trip in Mysterium Tremendum. Heartbreaking, hilarious, sophisticated, and gory, these stories will thrill, trouble, and haunt Barron's fans and have newcomers scrambling to search for his other work. (June)
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