“A Beach Read With Brains” - Now Only 99 Cents!

Long ago Molly learned the truth. Death is impermanent. We all come back, over and over again. She also learned that this knowledge is forbidden. We can believe whatever we like, but the only true crime is to remember who and what we really are. 

"I stayed up all night to finish, eyes bulging and heart pounding with every new twist!” 
-- The Paperback Pursuer 

King's X: Visions is Book 1 of a 3 part series.
Get Hooked on for 99 Cents! 

What's inside?   "A Beach-read with Brains."  Expect mystery, strong characters, twist after twist, and cliffhangers of all kinds.  Modern suspense, Historical Fiction, and Contemporary Fantasy blend to create a new myth about the nature of life and death.

Here are the other 2 in the series!  $2.99 each!

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