ROMANCE WEEK at NFE continues with the first book in the "Deadly Vices” series of Romantic Suspense novels from Kristine Cayne.

When an Oscar-winning movie star meets a department-store photographer…

Movie star Nic Lamoureux appears to have a playboy’s perfect life. But it’s a part he plays, an act designed to conceal a dark secret he carries on his shoulders. His empty days and nights are a meaningless blur until he meets the woman who fulfills all his dreams. She and her son are the family he’s always wanted—if she can forgive a horrible mistake from his past. 

A Hollywood dream…

Lauren James, a widowed single mother, earns barely enough money to support herself and her son. When she wins a photography contest and meets Nic, the man who stars in all her fantasies, her dreams, both professional and personal, are on the verge of becoming real. The attraction between Lauren and Nic is instant—and mutual. Their chemistry burns out of control during a photo shoot that could put Lauren on the fast track to a lucrative career. 

Becomes a Hollywood nightmare
But an ill-advised kiss makes front-page news, and the lurid headlines threaten everything Nic and Lauren have hoped for. Before they know what’s happening, their relationship is further rocked by an obsessed and cunning stalker who’ll stop at nothing—not even murder—to have Nic to herself. When Nic falls for Lauren, the stalker zeroes in on her as the competition. 

And the competition must be eliminated.

NFE NOTES:  Yow, there are some totally window-fogging excerpts on Kristine Cayne’s blog, but we’re just going to link to them because our Moms read this website. ;)

Oh, and there is also a chance on her blog to win a paperback copy of Book 2 in the series, DEADLY ADDICTION, in a Goodreads giveaway!

3 Good Questions with Author Kristine Cayne

NFE: What book(s) kept you up all night reading?

Kristine Cayne:  So many books have kept me up all night! Some of the most recent have been: Larissa Ione's Eternal Rider, J.R. Ward's Lover Reborn, and Riptide by Cherry Adair. All of these books successfully marry romance and suspense or intrigue from the first page to the last. The authors are masters of giving readers just enough information to satisfy, but not enough to answer all the readers' questions. This is what keeps us turning the pages well past our bedtimes.

I have to admit, I had a hard time putting down Lorelei James' All Jacked Up, but that might have been for an entirely different reason :)

NFE:  Would Deadly Obsession keep you up all night reading if you hadn’t written it?  Why?

Kristine Cayne:  Deadly Obsession and Deadly Addiction are both page-turners. New layers are revealed as the story moves forward and unpredictable twists and turns will keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat. At the same time, the romance aspects of the book ratchet up in lock-step with the danger. I write stories exactly like the ones I love to read--fast paced, relatable well-developed heroes and heroines, and protagonists with believable motivations that drive their actions.

NFE:   Give us a link to your website or blog so we can find out more about you!

Kristine Cayne:  My pleasure! My website is: and my blog is

I'd also love to connect with your on Facebook: or on Twitter: @KristineCayne

I hope you will come visit me :)


**Book Lovers!  Stop in at the Open Book Challenge where lots of new and established writers (including Kristine!) are playing hard, posting randomly selected snippets (Bookstore Browsing Style) from their latest works.  Read, Comment on what you like, and register for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate from Amazon!**


  1. LOVE suspense filled reads- these sounds right up my alley- congrats and good luck with many sales


    1. That's so great to hear, Dawne. I hope you enjoy them :)

  2. Kristine, both Deadly Obsession and Deadly Addiction are real page-turners - hot, suspenseful and very entertaining!

    1. Thank you, Sophia! Hot, suspenseful and entertaining page-turners is exactly what I was aiming for. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed them. Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)

  3. Your work sounds just great! Whew!! Hot and exciting!

    1. Hot and exciting - yay! Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Rosanna :)


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