New Fiction Engine is excited, “Thrilled” even, to announce the first member of our Network of Reviewers!

Thriller’s Rock Twitter features new reviews every week from a team of Four thrill seekers who love the pulse-pounding genres best.  They devour it all - Techno, Crime, Mystery, Horror, and even cross-genres (YA Thrillers, Mystery/Romance) - as long as it promises to at least double their heart rate. 

"If you are an adrenaline junkie, then thrillers are your fix. 

And we, well we are your pusher #inthebestwaypossible”  - TRT

TRT’s goal is bring readers not only Traditionally published books, but great Indie books too.  With that in mind, TRT is also a is also a proud member of the Indie Book Collective. 

New Fiction Engine says: “Welcome aboard!  We’re excited to have Thrillers Rock Twitter as the first member of our Network.  And we’re especially proud to display your really cool logo in our sidebar!" 

What readers can expect: Thrillers Rock Twitter reviews a lot of books.  Whenever TRT finds a worthy book for under six bucks, we’ll know, we’ll jump and down screaming about it, then you’ll know!  NFE will link their reviews directly and send you right on your way.

**About our Network of Reviewers** 

Books need readers like stuffed animals need kids to love them.  The absolute best way to help match a book to a reader who will love it is Word-of-Mouth from other readers who love it already.

NFE is brand new, but we’re growing fast.   Our mission is simple, just what it says up there at the top of the blog.  

And we’re every bit as serious about the “Great” part of what we promote as the “Under Six Bucks” part.  

Finding that price is easy.  Finding “Great” is not.  We need help for that.

Bottom line:  No one love books more, no one knows more about being exhausted all day Tuesday because they were reading all night Monday, than book bloggers.  We want to know what they think because nobody knows books better.  

To learn more about the NFE Network and how your blog can join and why it’s a good idea, click the Reviewers, Book Lovers and Bloggers TAB at the top of the page.

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